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Being experts in legal, professional and financial advisory services, we help our clients in setting up their business and managing day to day business functions effectively. All our services aim at helping our clients decode the legal and regulatory requirements related to their business. Our aim is to become the ‘partner of choice’ when it comes to incorporate and managing business in Nepal.Guarantee your peace of mind and the protection of your company is our mission. Our qualified professionals will take care of legal, accounting and Web related tasks.

Business Registration
RegSansar offers registration services that extend from filing for new company registration, closure of company, change in company capital, ownership, filing of legal documents etc. The company registration services entail many and we provide all.
Accurate accounting is the foundation of understanding a business's financial health. RegSansar's pool of vetted professionals have years of experience in most industry, business model, accounting technology, account-law of Nepal. .
Website | SEO
RegSansar registers your business in WEB. If you own a business, we provide you the web-Identity. By using tools like SEO, nextgen advert we help you measurably improve your marketing performance and get more leads and sales from the web.
Legal Documents
RegSansar legal experts provides ultimate Legal and Business doc tailored to your Needs. The documents prepared ranges from minor doc like rental deed, employment contract to advanced legal deed such as project contract, corporate agreement.
Business Plan
Business forecasting helps you create target goals and predict your business’ future economical positions, easing your financial concerns and giving you the information you need to help your business thrive.
Financial Analysis
RegSansar's vetted financial analysts deliver highly customized models and quantitative analyses, tailoring their deliverables to each client's unique needs. RegSansar help you update required financial need.
Legal Advisory
We guide you with your needs in investment agreements, vesting contracts, commercial contracts, trademark registrations, terms and conditions, privacy policies and much more to protect your company.
Event Management
RegSansar manages the event right from the entry tickets to the financial cord, it helps company to come up with the exact executionary plan and the road map for their event success. Your Event Idea, we implement it.

Why we should be trusted?

We match businesses with highly vetted financial analysts, CFOs, CPAs, and bookkeepers who have the domain expertise to tackle company-specific problems. Only the top 2% of finance freelancers make it through our screening process so clients are guaranteed top-notch experts. Paro allows employers to have a cost-effective, high quality, and more flexible workforce that can quickly scale up or down. We also empower our experts to have more choice, autonomy, and control when it comes to their work.

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